Led is a small text editor. led-2.0 is the current release, and is available for download at the sourceforge led-editor page. Please send any bug reports to fracture@allusion.net.

Led2 is more or less a rewrite; new features include multiple buffers, unlimited undo, better text killing commands, improved isearch and reverse searching, vertical and horizontal split screens, improved syntax highlighting, optional perl scriptability, and an extensible, stackable view architecture which will someday be explained here.

If you'd just like to see what it looks like, here is a screenshot of it in action.

Tested Platforms:

Note: Led needs ncurses to work; it will not work with other curses implementations.


Led is written by Jordan DeLong. The development platform is FreeBSD 4.6-RELEASE on i386. It is distributable under the terms of a BSD-style license.

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